Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Those Are Some Mighty Stretchy Hamstrings...

I do not have to exculpate (fancy words guy over here!!) whatsoever the posting of this. It's a great one man band that knows how to do some groovy music, all instrumental, yet 100% there. Cloudkicker is just awesome. This guy is talented as fuck, and this song totally justifies itself.

Motherfucking Tristwood is Giving Me Wood.

I've been on a tear for ultra-crunchy, industrialized black metal. One of those bands, right now, is Tristwood. Unknowns. They're very talented heathens and I find myself swinging my head about whenever they're playing near me. They've got a very intimidating, bleak sound to them. I imagine every song of theirs being in the middle of a blizzard. A blizzard in a factory. A blizzard in a factory that makes pentagrams. Yeah. Excuse my rambling, here's the mayhem: