Thursday, March 31, 2011

Illud Divinum Insanus

Illud Divinum Insanus - The LP, out June 7th
"Nevermore" EP album cover, out May 16th

I am speechless. I'm so ready for this, you don't even understand. I hear that there's a Combichrist remix in the works too. To give you a hint as to how the album might sound and the possible influences, Try had this to say:

"I listen to a lot of hardcore [techno] music now — the fuckin' serious, artistic stuff, not that crap you hear at the clubs. That stuff has impact and it's really extreme. Even if there's no guitar in it or no real drums, the energy coming out of the speakers is amazing."

Hence Combichrist. 

I am so ready...


The Haunted, In Flames, Dimension Zero, and Grave? I dunno...
What do all of these bands have in common?

I love The Haunted...? Yeah I do. As long as it's before they switched off singers. I'll be honest, I like a few of the tracks off of their albums afterwards but nothing compares to the first self titled album. Ahh damn is that a great album...

So anyway, everyone knows In Flames lost what amounts to the In Flames portion of the band. Jesper Stromblad. Alcoholic and such yadda yadda...

What happens when you combine all of these elements together? Well you would have an awesome sounding supergroup. I'm eagerly awaiting this debut..."The Resistance"

Marco Aro from The Haunted is singing, Jesper from Dimension Zero/In Flames is on the guitar, Glenn Ljungstrom from Dimension Zero is also on guitar, Alex Holstad from Cardinal Sin/Despite/Decameron is playing bass, and Chris Barkensjo from Godsic/ /Grave/Carnal Forge fame is playing the drums. This could lead up to be an exceptionally melodic band. I anticipate awesomeness. Let's hope it doesn't fall flat on it's goddamned face.


Ahhh Korn. Come on guys, would you stop being assholes and go back to 1994 when you were relevant, not to mention, awesome. I'll admit. In between bouts of Dying Fetus and Carcass, I love to throw on Korn and jam out with Tripp pants and painted fingernails. Okay, maybe not that far, but Korn for me represents one of the gateways into harder metal. I was a big fan all the way up to "Take a Look In The Mirror" (Which is extremely underrated. That album is heavy as shit). But now they've posted a short clip of their dubstep skills, which leave something to be desired. A lot.

Get Up by kornofficial