A littered ocean, dyed harshly by the yellow and red sunset perched on its wavering horizon. An ever stretching expanse of pollution, rhythmically pulsing and pounding against the cold, manufactured beach.
Collected and thrown, infinitely, cradling bottles and carcasses, scrap steel and landfill juice, smashing and emulsifying against the rusting, corroded soil it is forever attached to. Balanced perfectly in the infinite distance, a golden orb, sickly throbbing in the clutch of the smoking orange sky, obscured by the smog that hikes across the choking dioxide sky. The collective stench that ebbs from the land behind like a nefarious tentacle, prodding and searching, testing and feeling. A simple wisp that carves through the pained air, reaching. It’s grotesque figure only visible to the mind. Crawling over plastic bags, over hydraulic pumps, under highway overpasses and weaving through buildings and cities like a wandering, senseless wayfarer.
A nonexistent destination, its intent is that of the black lung wind that pulls its malevolent stench to and fro, a vile dance of grime and filth, permeating the air it occupies. A blind stifling, inorganic cloud, stretching it’s lethal arms to all directions, feeding on the diffused light of a sun trapped behind the ills of modern man. Canyons, deep rooted rivers of pungent waste surge through its grand and vast ways, leading a heinous march of refuse back to its mother. Corroded walls and combustion engine meadows litter its scarred plateaus. Ponds of battery acid refill nightly as the twilight acerbic rains travel across great jet engine plains and flammable snow capped mountains. A uniquely abhorred landscape piles upon itself the trash of the past, floating garbage islands.

A few times I've been asked: "What do you hope to achieve?" 
Honestly I’m not sure. There’s so many things that I would like to have run simultaneously. I’d like to do designs for album covers, designs for any kind of music really. Id also like to work for a few video game companies and provide concept art or character design. I’d also like to work with the animation and digital effects in modern films. Alongside this artistic swath of media I would also like to perform in a band (as a vocalist). Preferably a death metal band. I’ve had past experience with bands, so I’m no n00b to the scene.
Wait? There’s more?? I also fancy myself a bit of a writer. I love to write short stories, hell, even novels if I had the motivation to finish them. But, alas, there are so many hours in a day…I hope to have at least one book published before I kick the bucket.
In essence, there’s a lot of creativity here. I am willing to not only do artwork, but also any sort of music or perhaps a piece of writing to go along with your work. So long as I can be creative, that’s my goal I guess…I just want to create.
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