Sunday, December 12, 2010

Morbid Angel. Waiting.

If you're not giddy for Morbid Angel, you're a communist fucker. Okay, you're not that good.

Point is, I'm getting fed up with waiting for Morbid Angel. Eight years to make a new album. I'm sure they're busy being badasses and reading the Necronomicon among other grimoire. Don't get me wrong, I'm not rushing them,, demanding the new album now, but I've been recently on a Morbid Angel habit that I refuse to kick. People didn't care much for Heretic. I fucking LOVED it. Who is not banging their heads to "Enshrined By Grace"? "Beneath The Hollow"? "God of Our Own Divinity"?? Exactly. You loved it. Same with every other album they've churned out. Formulas Fatal To The Flesh? Yes. "Invocation of The Continual One". Need I say more? I need not.

Now let's not be shitheads here. Some bands have followed up great albums with shitty albums, in around a year.


Fear Factory. One of, if not, my FAVORITE band ever. This album almost made me cry.

I only liked one song from the original release. "540,000 Degrees Fahrenheit" has a great chorus. The rest of the album is a damn shame. If this album had not been released as a Fear Factory album, I would like it more. "Archetype" was so good, but this was just a total bummer.

A Killing Joke cover? A U2 cover?? They couldn't at least go the distance and be brutal with both tracks? They actually tried to recreate them.


One indication of a good vocalist is when you leave your band, they have to replace you with two people and then pump out a pile of garbage. It's like totally owning one of your friends, and then they shit their pants.

Two singers. Next thing you know, they'll be rapping on stage. Christian now looks so much better now that this has happened. Now that they see what he was worth and what he meant to that band. Now he's off with "Solution .45", "Miseration", "The Few Against Many", and I'm sure plenty of other up and coming stuff.


Max Cavalera is an iconic figure of metal. The second he left, Sepultura just tailspinned into what I consider to be one of the saddest deaths of metal. People hated "Roots". I don't get why. Tribal metal. Come on folks. Quit being asshats.

The only redeeming quality for this band is that the new singer they got is from my area. Thankfully Igor came to his senses and formed Cavalera Conspiracy. Now that's top shelf stuff, my friends.


This is one of the more recent events in metal where you watch a band make their first foray into mainstream metal. Metal for everyone. Come Clarity was on the edge, but there were some great songs on that album that kept it from doing what this album did. Nothing.

No one will (or should) forget "Whoracle", "Clayman", "Colony" and, "Soundtrack". In Flames has, generally, been consistent with good records. Let's hope the new album sans-Jesper will bring them back to where they belong. I don't expect this though, Jesper is really what gave In Flames that Gothenburg sound.

I suppose in light of these atrocities, I would trade off quicker releases for quality releases. It's a shame you can't have both. Anyway, I anticipate greatly, the return of Morbid Angel and expect nothing less than the best. They've yet to disappoint. 

Fucking badass...


  1. i disagree with the sepultura one. they're new album is great.

  2. You're allowed. I just don't like their new music. I'll give it to you. One or two tracks off of Nation we're pretty good, but ion general, it's so boring and uninvolved. It's the elevator music of metal. I wish I could like it, but no.