Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Stink

There are some good things and bad things about being an artist whose primary focus is on things of...darker ilk. For example, people who lack such skills can easily be swooned with a very cheap piece of work you may have thrown together in a matter of minutes. Art that exists in this fantasy world is, in a sense, easier to do because you do not have to follow a direct guideline, as it is 'fantasy'. A tree can be very oddball looking, and still be considered art. (Though I do not defend the people who splash paint on a canvas, spear it around and call it a masterpiece. That is not art).

But there are cons to this as well. Especially being a fan of death metal, you notice that many album covers are starting to become more and more intense, dark and just cool. As of now there is a new artist who I look up to and admire very much. So much so that it makes me rather discouraged in my own endeavors.

The guy is Justin Bartlett. Just a beast. He seems to be centered in the black metal scene. And for good reason. Every piece of his evokes some sort of evil thoughts in my head. This picture, for example, pretty much embodies black metal in its entirety (except for the previously mentioned Christian Black Metal, or better referenced as "White Metal")

That is just ultrasick. How do you handle that? You don't. It's going to be rape-faced until you turn away, and then you're going to keep thinking about it.

Here is his website. Where he shows that he is in fact just to awesome. I should stop now.

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