Monday, February 21, 2011

Exit Through The Gift Shop

Any of you seen this movie? It's...interesting, to say the least. It's a very quirky movie about some french guy who suffers some psychological trauma as a child and begins video taping every portion of his life. It's a great movie, I will say. I was fully enthralled the whole time.

There are SPOILERS ahead. Stop reading if you don't want to know. Even though there's not much to spoil. He was dead the whole time.

The plot of Exit Through The Gift Shop :

So this French gentleman stumbles upon the world of street art, and through a barely believable chain of events, winds up developing a gallery that pulls in millions of dollars in profit.

There is of course, some controversy that surrounds the film. At one point, the 'filmer' (who I will refer to as "Ronsieur Jeremy") (A play on the name Ron Jeremy, because he looks like him, with big muttonchops and a french accent.) (Only because I forgot his real name.) (How many more sentences can I add that are in parenthesis?) (Plenty.) encounters a very famous artist named "Banksy" who's identity is not revealed. He's pretty much 'the guy' in the street art world. Anyway, Banksy and Ronsieur Jeremy team up and start kind of...filming street art. So, through another bizzare chain of events, Ronsieur ends up starting his own art gallery and making all of this money. The controversy here is that people think Banksy and Ronsieur are the same person. I don't. Why?

Because no one as bumbling, fumbling, and downright oddball as Ronsieur could be as cool as Banksy. Not to mention that their styles are very different. Banksy is thought out, thought provoking, and well executed. Ronsieur Jeremy is...well. Like ghetto street art. It's very sloppy (purposefully, of course) and generic as far as street art goes.

So I don't know what to tell you. Go see it for yourself instead of torturing yourself with the latest "Rom-Com".

Over-and-out, precious tits.

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