Monday, December 6, 2010

Dressing Up

The cyber-metal band 'Illidiance'. Cool get-up. Their new album 'Damage Theory' is pretty good. 

     I'm split about stage attire. Being the singer in a band, it's hard to decide if I want to get all gussied up for a show. Bands like GWAR come to mind when you think of "stage attire", and who doesn't like Gwar? No one, I submit to you. No one. There's a lot of directions to go, a lot of them, pretty bad. The whole androgynous, transgender trend has passed, thankfully. These guys though, I like it. Looks like something from the Matrix. Since they're cyber metal, it makes sense to look...cyber? Yeah. Cyber.

Some other bands do it well too:

If I even have to tell you who these guys are,
you shouldn't even be here. They're gods.
 They have the look and the presence. 
Kvlt as Fvck.
Too bad Nergal has Levkemia.

I don't mind Dimmu Borgier either.
They've got some epic parts. 

Black. Leather. Spikes. Metal!!!

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